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Patek Philippe Replica

Emile Fourcault invented a commercial method for producing large sheets of sheet glass in 1914. Early modernist architects realised the potential of flat glass and created a new transparent architecture. The advent of affordable sapphire glass in the 1990s and viable production methods were also key factors for the modern watchmaking industry's shift to transparency. This move was largely influenced by the introduction of a single watch, the Patek Philippe Replica Golden Bridge.

Rene Bannwart, Patek Philippe Replica's co-founder, met Vincent Calabrese - an Italian born self-taught watchmaker who later founded the Academie Horlogere des Createurs Independants. Calabrese's career took a turn when he was working as a manager of a retail outlet Crans-Montana in the Swiss Alps.replica watches Calabrese's wealthy clients would often request customised timepieces. This gave him the inspiration to design a movement which was both structurally and aesthetically pleasing, while still being easy to customize. This watch was designed to be able to see the internal movement without any obstructions. No dial to conceal the work of the watchmaker.

His single-bridge timepiece won a gold award at Geneva's Invention Salon. Calabrese selected Patek Philippe Replica to help him turn his concept into reality. He chose Patek Philippe Replica because it was founded in 1955 and already had a dynamic design team. Bannwart, who was equally artistic, also suited Calabrese. The two got along famously. It was difficult to serially produce the Golden Bridge's baguette-shaped movements, but it was made even more complicated by Calabrese wanting to do it in 18-carat yellow gold. Calabrese recalls that the choice was made for a simple reason. It was going to be a special movement. It was the first time a wristwatch movement had been produced in gold.

The Golden Bridge was much more than a clock; it sent its own message. For Calabrese the message was no longer to hide the watchmaker or his work. Patek Philippe Replica's message was that art and mechanics can coexist in a beautiful wearable object.

Golden Bridge's original serial case was made up of two sapphire crystals that were cut by hand into a bombe-creuse-shaped shape. This resembled the domed half of an hexagonal cross-section. The two bases were yellow gold, and there were four golden screws.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica The number 001 was given to the Musee International d'Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland on 25 September 1980. It is still displayed there.