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Understanding the manufacturing process for synthetic sapphire is important to appreciate the novelty and difficulty of this watch during the Quartz Crisis in 1979. Flame fusion is used to "create" a single ingot in the required size of synthetic colourless Corundum. This takes nature about 100,000 years.

Diamond is the hardest material compared to corundum and is therefore the only one that can be used to cut sapphire. The initial cutting of the corundum pieces into slices can take up to eight hours. After cutting, the blanks are ground to the desired shape in two hundredths of millimetres.Best Replica Watches They then undergo a series operations by highly-skilled craftsmen, including: evening out the thickness, shaping the exteriors and bevelling. The machine tools required for each sapphire crystal size and shape are usually developed by the supplier.

It was a miracle that Seitz AG was able to produce a sapphire-clear crystal in 1979. The hole was drilled using diamond-tipped precision tools, and the gasket was also used to make the crystal water-resistant. The cutting and polishing technology has improved greatly since 1979, making it easier to reproduce the original crystal.

Golden Bridge received seven patents: Calabrese was the author of one. It was for a winding and setting mechanism that allowed the watch be wound and adjusted from the back. This did not disturb the design by having a visible crown. A patent was also awarded for the sapphire case. Five more patents were granted for various designs, including wristwatches, pendant watches, and table clocks created in collaboration with Baccarat. The theme was developed in small batches or individual executions. All variations were unisex, as the case was designed to fit the wrists of both men and women.

Severin Wunderman established Severin Montres,omega replica watches a Swiss company in 1972. Severin Montres' best-selling line of products was licensed Gucci watch lines, which allowed Wunderman to express his unique brand of artistic and entrepreneurial creativity under the Gucci brand. When Bannwart retired in late 1990s, Wunderman was now able to buy Richard Mille Replica Watches. Gucci had taken over the brand and Wunderman fell in love with the Golden Bridge.