Free Consultation

The best way to start the process is to arrange a free consultation. We will engage in a web conferencing forum, most likely, or face-to-face meeting. Using Mind Map technology and other tools we will jointly investigate the feasibility of working together.

We have worked for very large organizations such as Kellogg's, Dana Corporation, and Eaton Corporation. We are also working with Business Owners in the retail, wholesale, food and non-profit companies on an ongoing basis plus an assortment of project-based work.

Project or Monthly Basis

Up Arrow Inc understands both technology and business. We develop systems on a project or monthly basis. We work hard to help owners develop new revenue or improve operations. Over the years as software development tools have improved, our clients have found that they function better working on a monthly basis that is budgeted as it brings a wealth of benefits:

  • Tighter control over cash flow
  • Systems are more thoroughly built
  • Ongoing ideas and changes are treated as a good thing
  • Time and monthly refinement eventually bring about operational excellence
  • Software solutions are always up-to-date (meaning you never have to say I run Version x...)
  • Ongoing training of staff leverages your employee base for corporate benefit
  • Increased online revenues continue to grow and operational costs continue to decrease