Business Goals First

KEY! Are you driving technology from your business goals or is technology driving you! If you do not have a technology partner that can talk to you in the language of business principles then we suggest you continue looking.

The world is exploding with technology! Make sure you work with a technology partner that is continually investing in these technologies, attending regular technology events and programming in the new technologies as they are developed and announced.

Adobe, Microsoft, Open Source and Mobile Devices


We use every single product that Adobe makes. That means we are delivering solutions in all of the state-of-the-art technologies produced by Adobe.


Although we don't use every Microsoft product we do you use a lot of the products.

Open Source

There are some very solid open source technologies that are available and we will use the appropriate ones as needed. We do prefer to use technology that is supported by one of the large corporations but we have had great success in using some open source models, frameworks and technology.

Apple, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile

Mobile devices are exploding and with the new technology available we can deploy solutions onto these mobile devices that work in harmony with corporate systems. Talk to us more about mobile solutions.

Dilemma of Packaged Software

Please be very careful of buying an out-of-the-box technology solution. The reason is that many of these vendors cannot solve every unique problem facing a business owner. Additional complexity begins with integrating one packaged solution to the next. We are not against these if the shoe magically fits but caution is advised. (p.s. we are not talking about development tools in this example)

Today, technology provides RAD capability or rapid application development. Business Owners love our three layer model approach. It's one of our most appreciated approaches. We don't have to tell you "NO" if you need to change your marketing or internal operation approach that requires additional code change.